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Achanak - Is Ek Shabd Ko Yaad Rakho

BK Ramnath: A Brahma Kumari addresses a gathering of followers to deliver a discourse on the power of one's mind and highlights the importance of meditation and mindfulness.

Teevra Purusharth Ka Aadhar - Shrimat

BK Nirwair: A Brahma Kumari talks about different ways to attain peace of mind and shares spiritual knowledge to help others lead better lives.

Ram Jaane (1995)

A street hustler, who has spent several years in and out of prison, decides to reform his life, as he teaches street kids to stay away from crime, but has trouble maintaining these ideals in his own l

Pareshaan Parinda (2018)

Neel falls in love with a gangster's niece and things go bizarre when he finds himself getting involved with the underworld.

Life Mein Hungama Hai (2013)

It is the story of two young lads who has run away from their boarding school to sail the world with one of the boys\' sailor uncle. The story unfolds the journey of these boys and their journey towar

Gopi Kishan (1994)

Policeman Gopi's doppelganger Kishan, who is a criminal, learns about the former and uses his identity to his advantage as he tries to find his father. This results in Gopi reaping the benefits.

Yaaron Ka Yaar

Nathu, who belongs to a lower caste, is punished for taking water from Jaimal's pond. To avenge this, he abducts Jaimal's son and trains him to become a thief.

Jeena Marna Tere Sangh

Amar, a rich man, is the son of an MLA who puts Asha in trouble for slapping one of his friends and expels her from college. It is only after he finds the truth that he realises his love for Asha.

IPL Lookback KXIP v CSK

KXIP vs CSK: Highlights of the match played Kings XI Punjab and Chennai Super Kings during the 2018 IPL.