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When Miss Briggs rejects all their favorite contestants from talent show tryouts, Carly and Sam decide to host their talented classmates on their own online web show, iCarly.

Gagal Nikah Malah Dikira Orang Ketiga

It's really bad luck for Anka (Larasati Nugroho), who has been left behind by her boyfriend who was arranged with someone else, and now she is thought to have ruined the relationship between Agra (Cem

Pedagang Asongan Keliling Jadi Jurangan Kerupuk Kulit Laris Manis

Yani (Betari Ayu), who is new to a furniture shop, is appointed manager because of her sales achievements. Rima (Zafira Pasha), who was a senior, was jealous of Yani. Yani was framed by Rima who seeme