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A pizza delivery boy, who lives with his girlfriend, has a supernatural experience after he visits a bungalow. Though people around him try to help him, they are sceptical about his encounters.

Balohari is against his daughter Disha's relationship with Tablu, her music teacher. When Pradip learns that Balohari is looking for a new teacher for Disha, he decides to pose as one.

Mishti, a little girl, with a mysterious past enters the lives of a rich family and forms a special bond with the mother, much to the dislike of her pampered son.

Overcome by greed, Dinesh kills his sister Ambika and tries to destroy her family. But her young daughter Puja, a shape-shifting snake, survives and vows to avenge her mother's death.

Ganesh moves to Chennai in order to pursue his medical studies. However, he is forced to resort to his old violent ways when he learns that his enemies have followed him to Chennai.

A young bubbly woman makes her way into the lives and hearts of a big family of sweetmeats traders. Soon, she meets their business-minded son, Siddharth, and sparks fly between them.