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Renowned and talented celebrities attempt to prepare delectable dishes while others distract them with their hilarious antics. E01.

Buro Sadhu (2019)

Buro Sadhu is a film which speaks about a man's journey from boyhood to manhood - his disturbed family life, his relationships and his passion for films as a medium of storytelling.


When her father dies unexpectedly on the day of her wedding, a girl from an affluent family is compelled to single-handedly assume responsibility for the household.

Hanshi Khushi Club

Aniket, a middle-aged man, gets caught up in a strange situation when a young woman sneaks into his house. He later learns that the woman is a victim of domestic violence.

Sangeet Er Mahajudhho

Talented contestants from all walks of life showcase their singing prowess in front of an exceptional panel of judges to win the prestigious title. Repeat - Sat 10:30 pm, E01.

Tin Shaktir Aadhar Trishul

Three sisters, Tara, Durga and Kali, lead a life of poverty and cross paths with Rajnandini, a wealthy woman who exploits them. Soon, they decide to climb the social hierarchy to teach her a lesson. E