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Naboborsher Mahamilan

People gather to celebrate the spirit of Pahela Baishakh, a festive day that marks the new year according to the Bengali Calendar. E79.

Projapoti Biskut (2017)

Sraboni / Shaon (Esha Saha) and Antor Sen (Aditya Sengupta) have been married for 2 years and 5 months, and live in a joint family with Antor's parents, brother, sister-in-law and niece. Unbeknownst to her draconian, Rabindrasangeet-loving, idealist mother-in-law, Shaon has a career writing scripts for Bengali soaps (watching which too are strictly forbidden in the household). In contrast to the fiercely independent Shaon, Antor is usually indecisive and equivocates every time he is asked for hi


Nababarsher Sondhey, Sure Chhonde

People gather to celebrate the spirit of Noboborsho, a festive day that marks the new year according to the Bengali Calendar.

Abak Prithibi (1959)

Arjun is a very lonely person. He doesn't know what life is. Every day for him is a struggle. So he becomes a criminal. Jail is a safe custody for him because food is always available in jail. So he tries to return to the place, but all his efforts gone in vain, then he travels to a place and meets a father. He is the principal of a missionary residential school. In that place Arjun meets Miss Chaterjee, a teacher. At first she doesn't like him, but shortly she started to realise Arjun's quality



Switzerland (2020)

Shibu and Rumi live a middle-class family life with their children and can only afford to go to local destinations for holidays. One day, they decide to save money for a trip to Switzerland.

Boron (2020)

A passenger lurks through lost terrain questioning its new-found home.

Balwan (2004)

Arul, who works in a mill, is the youngest of four brothers in a family of goldsmiths. Once, Arul's brother stole a chain due to financial circumstances. As Arul had taken the blame for it, he was labelled as a "thief" and seen as a black sheep by his father. Thus, he vows never to make a gold ornament ever again. Kanmani, who moves into the opposite house, begins by playing tricks on him, but eventually falls for his character. Arul doesn't believe in love, and keeps his distance from her. One