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Sushovan Dutta and his wife Anita get separated on their way to a friend's house. Chaos ensues when Anita discovers that he has gone away with another woman.

Nimki and Phulki, two mischievous sisters in a village, are frustrated as their family wants to get them married but they have other plans.

The best moments of 'Sa Re Ga Ma Pa', a popular music competition wherein talented singers showcase their abilities in order to emerge as the winners, are presented.

Aspiring singers showcase their talents as they compete against each other to win the 2020 edition of a music competition.

A detailed snippet of several well-known, legendary actors is presented by highlighting the most memorable moments of their career and achievements.

Sunil, an honest judge, abandons his pregnant wife due to a misunderstanding created by his aunt. However, years later, he fights a case in his daughter's favour and reunites with his family.