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Sona Roder Gan

After an unforeseen event wrecks her life, a young woman does everything in her power to ensure that her family is always happy. E01.

Binisutoy: Without Strings

Kajal and Sraboni, in their mid thirties, form a quick bond of friendship when they meet at a reality game show audition. Later, they both share engrossing stories of their lives.

Bony (2021)

A married couple tries to decipher their unusual childbirth.

Teen Bhubaner Pare (1969)

Montu, an unemployed middle-class bachelor falls in love with Sarasi, a teacher. He tries hard to impress Sarasi but she dislikes his unstable lifestyle and rejects him. Will the two unite?

Aalta Phoring (2022)

A young girl, who is passionate about gymnastics, gets separated from her mother due to a cyclonic storm. A banker comes to the girl's rescue and helps her find her lost mother

Pilu (2022)

When a folk singer from a village crosses paths with a trained classical singer, the two get off to a rocky start. However, a twist of fate brings a quotient of romance to their bumpy relationship.

Paromitaar Ekdin

Sanaka and her daughter-in-law, Paromita, share a healthy relationship. However when Paromita has a failed marriage and leaves the house, Sanaka is heartbroken.

Tobu Aporichito (2016)

A married couple who start on the wrong side and detest each other eventually grow close and learn to appreciate and love each other.