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Spiritual shows on India tv.
List of unique Spiritual shows on tv, without duplicate schedule which may be there across multiple channels when you want to know about what are Spiritual unique shows on tv.
Select a movie and jump to schedule section to find it's schedule across channels.

Pratyaksha Darsanam Live

The program features a spiritual guru who talks about cure and protection from all supernatural entities.

Swamiye Sharanam Ayyappa

This program features the 'Bhajans' or devotional songs sung by the devotees of Ayyappa. Ayyappa is said to be a God who likes song offerings from his devotees.


Take a look as Oriya singer Arabinda Muduli sings songs of praise to God


A compilation of devotional hymns sung in praise of the Hindu deity Venkateshwara and the religious rituals performed at Tirumala.

Shirdi Madhhyana Harathi Live

Live telecast from the Sai Temple in Shirdi wherein a group of devotees sing devotional songs dedicated to Sai Baba.

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