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Find what are the newest Spiritual programs premiering on India tv channels.

Tvwish's intelligent system detects the new Spiritual program on tv and lets you know on which channel at what time to watch.
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Tue 12:00 AM, 18 May 2021 / Satsang

Pujya Aviral Krishan Ji Maharaj Special

Shrimad Bhagwat Katha Day-1: Pujya Aviral Krishanji Maharaj delivers a spiritual discourse on religion and urges the devotees to follow the path of righteousness.

Mon 2:20 PM, 17 May 2021 / Satsang

Sun 9:10 PM, 16 May 2021 / MH One Shraddha

Sri Ravi Shankar Ji / Bhajan

Sri Ravi Shankarji delivers a religious discourse to devotees; a spiritual leader conducts bhajans with devotees for happiness and peace of mind.

Sun 6:30 AM, 16 May 2021 / Ishwar TV

Jeewan Ki Battein

A religious scholar delivers a discourse on the teachings of the Almighty and inspires devotees to follow the path of righteousness for leading a peaceful life.

Tue 3:00 PM, 11 May 2021 / Satsang

Mon 7:30 AM, 10 May 2021 / Peace of Mind

Yogi Jeewan Ki Sukshma Dharnae

BK Nirwair: A Brahma Kumari delivers a discourse on spirituality and shares valuable knowledge to help devotees learn in detail about the yogic lifestyle.