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Sun 1:00 AM, 16 May 2021 / Bhojpuri Cinema

Jigarbaaz Khiladi (2015)

An NRI comes to Chennai and starts a real estate business. Even as his venture picks up, he learns that he is being cheated by a person he trusts the most and is jailed for fraud. How does he get out the web of deceit?

Thu 4:00 PM, 13 May 2021 / Bhojpuri Cinema

Hamar Samrajya (1999)

This is a story of two brothers who love each other a lot. The rivalry between the families of Sitaiah and Basava Raju leads to the death of Sitaiah and Ramaraju taking his revenge

Mon 10:00 PM, 10 May 2021 / Bhojpuri Cinema

Paap Ka Anth (1989)

Film starring Rajesh Khanna, Hema Malini and Govinda

Mon 7:00 PM, 10 May 2021 / Bhojpuri Cinema

Rajaji (1999)

Raja is a lazy slacker, who wants to have an easy life. He figures that if he gets married to a rich woman, then he will not have to work. So he meets with multi-millionaire Payal, impresses her, and both fall in love. With the blessings of their respective parents' both get married. After the marrige Raja finds out that Payal is the daughter of the multi-millionaire's gardner, and soon leaves her. Fortune visits Payal and her father, when they win a lottery, and themselves become wealthy beyond

Sun 1:00 AM, 9 May 2021 / Bhojpuri Cinema

Apaharan (2005)

Story of a tumultuous and complex relationship between a father (Mohan Agashe) and son (Ajay Devgan), set against the backdrop of a thriving kidnapping industry in the Hindi heartland of Bihar.