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Sat 4:30 PM, 8 May 2021 / Republic TV

The Blue Jays

Ingenious Marketer, With Blue Star

Tue 1:00 PM, 4 May 2021 / BBC World

Sat 6:30 PM, 1 May 2021 / Republic TV

Thu 6:30 AM, 29 Apr 2021 / BBC World

President Biden: Address To Congress

Renowned politician Joe Biden touches upon several social, political and economic issues faced by the country during his speech to Congress.

Wed 8:30 PM, 28 Apr 2021 / BBC World

Wed 6:25 AM, 28 Apr 2021 / BBC World


The programme for everyone interested in the Internet and new media. Whether it's e-commerce, new developments and products, or gadgets and games, Click looks at the tools that will revolutionise business and personal life.

Mon 2:00 PM, 26 Apr 2021 / BBC World

Oscars 2021: The Results

The most memorable moments and highlights of winners being announced at the 2021 edition of the Academy Awards are presented.

Sat 7:30 PM, 24 Apr 2021 / Republic TV

Sat 5:00 AM, 24 Apr 2021 / BBC World

The Trial Of Derek Chauvin

Journalist Nada Tawfik sheds light on the verdict and impact of the Derek Chauvin trial for the death of George Floyd, one of the most important murder trials affecting American history.