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Sun 8:00 PM, 16 May 2021 / Alankar TV

Sat 2:00 PM, 15 May 2021 / Zee Sarthak


Nimki from Nimpur sets out on a journey to Naveen Niwas to find a solution to her villagers' problems. She faces many obstacles in her way but nothing deters her from reaching her destination.

Mon 10:30 AM, 10 May 2021 / News18 Odia

9.30 Big Breaking News

The host presents all the major news updates and developments pertaining to politics, society and economy from around the country.

Mon 7:00 AM, 10 May 2021 / Manjari

Sun 8:00 PM, 9 May 2021 / Alankar TV

Sun 11:02 AM, 9 May 2021 / DD Odia

Sat 8:00 PM, 8 May 2021 / Alankar TV

Fri 6:30 AM, 7 May 2021 / Alankar TV

Jatra Gita

A comprehensive compilation of some of the best songs and compositions from popular plays are played in a back-to-back fashion.