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7:00 AM

Ancharakalyanam (1997)

Unnikrishnan, a government employee, struggles to find a suitable bride because of his father who wants to tie the knot for the sixth time despite protests from his other wives.

10:00 AM

Bharya Onnu Makkal Moonnu

Chandramohan has never been able to live up to the expectations of his father. Problems mount up when he gets married to a Christian girl against the will of his family.

1:00 PM

Kavadiyattom (1993)

Unni, an army man, is afraid to become a soldier. He pretends to be mentally ill in order to get relieved of his duties but must continue his act at home in order to avoid suspicion.

4:00 PM

Mark Antony (2000)

Warring rivals Pappu and Chackappan unite when the former's nephew Antony and the latter's daughter Nimmy fall in love. After a sniper shoots Pappu, Antony embarks on a mission to find the killer.

7:00 PM

Sadanandante Samayam (2003)

Sadanandan, a teacher who believes in astrology, is distraught when an astrologer tells him that he is going to die soon. Thereafter, he does everything to secure his family.

1:00 AM


While on a trip to Ravi's estate, Dr Venu, an NRI, realises that his sister Savithri is possessed by a spirit and seeks the help of his psychiatrist friend.

7:00 AM

Amme Narayana

Goddess Bhagavathi comes to the aid of her devotees during their times of peril.

10:00 AM


The story revolves around Sandeep, a terrorist who falls in love with Ganga, but his plans are set to destroy her family.