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Sun TV is an Indian Tamil Language general entertainment channel launched on 14 April 1993. It is the flagship channel of the Chennai-based media conglomerate Sun Group's Sun TV Network

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Annachi's family is an arch rival of Nagavalli who is determined to destroy them. Shakthi, the relative of Annachi comes as a maid to unite both the families. Will she be successful?

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10:00 AM

Chithi 2 (2019)

Saradha, a loving and strong mother, holds her unconventional family together and stands by every member through all the ups and downs of life.

10:30 AM


When couple Manokar and Padma fail to conceive despite several years of being married, Karpagam agrees to give birth to their child through surrogacy.

11:00 AM


Ganga, a young housemaid, religiously worships a snake mound. However, she is unaware that it is actually a cobra that is waiting to unleash its fury on the members of the household and exact revenge.

12:00 PM


Episode #434
Bharathi and Tamizh meet in a train and Tamizh ends up telling her his tragic life story. Things take a turn when after the journey, his family assumes Bharathi is his wife.

12:30 PM

Thirumagal (2011)

Episode #224
Raja, the son of a rich zamindar, falls in love with Anjali, a simple girl who runs a food truck business along with her father.

1:00 PM

Metti Oli (2002)

Chidambaram, a land broker, is a respected man in his neighbourhood, who, after the death of his wife, raises his five daughters. His concerns revolve around the issues faced by his daughters.

1:30 PM

Paandavar Illam

A group of men try to scare the head of the Paandavar family, but it does not go to plan. Repeat - Mon - Fri 12:00 pm, E516.

2:00 PM

Chandralekha (1995)

Episode #1949
Siddharth and his wife are shocked to learn that their daughter has a speech disorder.

2:30 PM


Episode #86
Vijay's mother abandoned him for unknown reasons when he was a child. Even though Vijay is now a father himself, he yearns for her love.

6:00 PM


News. The host presents a compilation of the latest updates and developments pertaining to politics, sports, social and economic news.