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Last updated: Jun 20, 2024 6:30 PM (Indian Standard Time)

Pogo (India) channel Live Schedule

Find what's now showing on Pogo channel and what are Children programs scheduled to go live next.

Pogo TV is an Indian cable and satellite television channel owned by WarnerMedia under its International division as a part of the CN brand. The channel is WarnerMedia's only for Indian kids channel and air only local content

Language: Hindi
Content Type: Children

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Chhota Bheem (2011)

Bheem and his Friends are having a great time in Dwarka with their friend Kanha.Mayandri tries to attack Kanha with some leopards but fails as Kanha fights them off with ease.Bheem gets injured and his friend Krishna offers to heal up his injury and just before the Dholakpurians leave Krishna offers some gifts to them.Bheem gets a pendant,Chutki gets a stylish ring,Raju gets a catapult and Jaggu got a compass whereas Kalia got a powder for when he blows on anyone can hear what they are thinking

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