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Wed, 12:31 AM 8 Feb

Selfie With Bajrangi

Ankush's life changes when he meets a mysterious nine-year-old child named Bajrangi, who is visible to nobody but him alone.

Wed, 5:05 AM 8 Feb

Shinchan (2020)

The kingdom that floats above in the sky, that uses free doodles as an energy source, “Rakuga Kingdom.” However, now in the face of a lack in energy, they are on the brink of ruin. In order to force the creation of doodles, the kingdom’s army begins its attack on Kasukabe on the surface! Meanwhile, as the drawings begin to move, the hero who is bestowed the hidden treasure of the kingdom, the “Miracle Crayon”—is none other than the “super happy-go-lucky 5-year-old,” Nohara Shinnosuke!! Together

Wed, 7:00 AM 8 Feb

Upin & Ipin

Upin and Ipin are orphan twins under the care of Kak Ros and Mak Uda. With their many friends, Upin and Ipin spend their days learning different things in a fun and entertaining way.

Wed, 7:29 AM 8 Feb

Big City Greens

A country boy shifts to a metropolitan city with his family from their rural farm. With new things to explore every day, he tries to adjust to the new lifestyle.

Wed, 10:59 AM 8 Feb

Wed, 8:59 PM 8 Feb

Nobita & Birdopia Ka Sultan

Movie - Nobita & Birdopia Ka Sultan

Wed, 10:59 PM 8 Feb

The Daltons

Follows the adventures of the Dalton brothers as they try to escape from prison. They use all kinds of tricks and a series of mad characters while on their way to achieve freedom.

Wed, 11:18 PM 8 Feb

Shinchan Special Episodes

Episode 55: A five-year-old boy who lives with his parents and his sister embarks on mischievous adventures that often lead to hilarious consequences.

Thu, 12:37 PM 9 Feb

Shinchan Movie: Masala Story

The Noharas, who are busy with preparations for a grand feast, are left startled when a stranger barges into their house. Soon, the Noharas realise that they are falsely accused of several crimes.

Thu, 3:52 PM 9 Feb

Shinchan Movie : Villian Aur Dulhan

Tamiko meets five-year-old Shin-chan and tries to convince him that she has arrived from the future. They then embark on an epic adventure, while she divulges a personal secret.

Thu, 5:33 PM 9 Feb

Shin Chan Movie: Adventures In Henderland

Shin Chan goes on a school trip to Henderland, where he gets lost and goes on an eventful adventure filled with a werewolf and evil magicians that eventually ends in restoring peace to Henderland.

Thu, 8:59 PM 9 Feb

Doraemon The Movie Dinosaur Yoddhha

The misadventures of Doraemon, a robot cat from the future, who with his gadgets, is sent back in time to help make Nobita Nobi, a boy without much talent, a better person.

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