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Last updated: Sep 26, 2023 11:34 PM (British Summer Time)

GREAT! classic (United Kingdom) channel Live Schedule

Find what's now showing on GREAT! classic channel and what are English Film programs scheduled to go live next.

Bringing the sweet scent of an old movie theatre to your living room, GREAT! movies classic features everything from old-school greats to modern masterpieces. Undeniably nostalgic, and effortlessly timeless; tune in for some of the greatest films ever committed to celluloid, and the biggest faces ever to grace our screens

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Trading Christmas (2011)

Emily (Faith Ford) misses her daughter Heather (Emma Lahana), who is attending college in Boston. Since her father died, Heather is sensitive to her mom’s dependence on long-standing holiday traditions. This Christmas, Heather has planned a trip to Phoenix with her boyfriend, but tells her mother she is staying on campus to study. After Emily arranges a house-swap with Charles (Tom Cavanagh), an English professor from Boston who wants Washington State’s solitude in order to finish his novel, Em

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