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Mon, 6:30 PM 30 Jan

Annadata (1972)

After the passing away of her father, a local physician, Aarti takes it upon herself to dispense medicine, as well as sew clothes, and looks after a child named Kundan who has lost his legs to paralysis. She has a admirer in Arun, who secretly loves her, would like to marry her, but knows that he is poor and will be unable to afford a family, as he is a mere painter. Then an elderly man enters Aarti's life, he is ill, she offers to look after him until he gets better and leaves, but he does not

Mon, 7:30 PM 30 Jan

Mon, 9:00 PM 30 Jan


Youth are offered a platform for a healthy exchange of views and opinions on the latest developments and policies for them

Mon, 9:30 PM 30 Jan


The newsreader presents a detailed report on some of the latest and most important social and political news stories and updates.

Mon, 10:30 PM 30 Jan

ETV Talkies

The host sheds light on the latest developments, movie reviews and celebrity gossip from the world of Tollywood and Bollywood

Tue, 7:00 AM 31 Jan


Religious scholars deliver spiritual discourses on Hindu scriptures and shed light on their relevance in the modern times

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