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B4U Kadak channel live schedule in India

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B4U Kadak its premium offering in the Hindi Movie Genre. It is a Hindi Movie Channel targeted at Urban and Rural audiences in the HSM market with a bank of popular Bollywood & South Indian dubbed movies.

Language: Hindi, Content Type: Hindi Movie.
Jun 20, 2021 12:15 AM (Indian Standard Time)

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Mela (2000)

Roopa, a beautiful young village belle is much loved by the villagers of Chandanpur. Chandanpur celebrates a huge Mela every year and this year, they invite a Minister to inaugurate it. In an assassination attempt that follows, a massacre takes place. Chandanpur is devastated and Roopa's family gets wiped out. She vows revenge. Into her life enter two men, the gregarious Kishan and the volatile Shankar, causing much upheaval in their relationship.

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