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21-Feb-2019 5:14 PM

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Mera Badla - Revenge Poster
Mera Badla - Revenge (2010)
21-Feb-2019 3:27 PM

Nagavalli is a supernatural thriller; its story revolves around characters living in a house in Tirupati. After a family member receives a Nagavalli portrait as a prize in the Nagavalli Dance competition, various characters start having abnormal experiences. In order to save themselves and unfold the mystery, the family looks to Ramachandra Acharya and Dr. Vijay.


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Rowdy Rajkumar 2 Poster
Rowdy Rajkumar 2 (2017)
21-Feb-2019 6:08 PM

Goutham is a billionaire and his father gives him a year’s time to enjoy his life to the fullest. The deal between the two is that after a year, he’ll take over his father’s businesses. The catch is that, beneath his seemingly perfect life, Goutham is clueless about what happiness or hunger feels like. On the other hand, Nanda, who hails from a lower-middle class background, wants to die rich and his father keeps criticising his aspirations.One fine day, Goutham and Nanda bump into each other, a

Encounter Man 2 Poster
Encounter Man 2 (2015)
21-Feb-2019 9:01 PM

Sankarabharanam is a remake of the Hindi sleeper hit - Phas Gaye Re Obama. The film tells the story of an NRI from America who is on the verge of bankruptcy. He finds out that he owns a palace in India and travels there to try and sell it. However, on his arrival, he gets kidnapped and then keeps getting passed on from one gang to another for higher sums of ransom. Here starts a crazy ride of that leaves everyone involved in it completely befuddled.

Company Poster
Company (1988)
22-Feb-2019 2:51 AM

This animated take on Oliver Twist re-imagines Oliver as an adorable orphaned kitten who struggles to survive in New York City and falls in with a band of canine criminals led by an evil human. First, Oliver meets Dodger, a carefree mutt with street savoir faire. But when Oliver meets wealthy Jenny on one of the gang's thieving missions, his life changes forever.

Zanjeer Poster
Zanjeer (2013)
22-Feb-2019 5:05 AM

A remake of the 1973 action film of the same name.

Sher E Hindustan : Warrior Poster
Sher E Hindustan : Warrior
22-Feb-2019 6:20 AM

Durgi and her family live happily, until few men set their eyes on her beauty. In their attempt to rape Durgi, her sister gets assaulted and her father killed. Durgi sets out to kill everybody.

Hindustani Jaanbaaz Poster
Hindustani Jaanbaaz
22-Feb-2019 9:12 AM

Synopsis not set yet, will be updated soon.

Happy New Year Poster
Happy New Year (2014)
22-Feb-2019 12:01 PM

Six would-be thieves enter a prestigious dance competition as a cover for their larger goal of pulling off a major heist

Munna Michael Poster
Munna Michael (2017)
22-Feb-2019 3:49 PM

Munna is an orphan brought up by an ageing chorus dancer Michael in a Mumbai chawl. The boy grows up idolising Michael Jackson. To realise his dream of grooving like the King of Pop, he even agrees to tutor a hoodlum, Mahindar Fauji. Their bromance turns ugly when both end up falling in love with Deepika aka Dolly.

Navsari Ka Rahsya Poster
Navsari Ka Rahsya
22-Feb-2019 6:43 PM

Soon after moving into their new palatial house, a couple begins experiencing paranormal occurrences. An investigation leads them to the chilling story of the house's previous inhabitants.

Spyder Poster
Spyder (2017)
22-Feb-2019 9:00 PM

A surveillance expert who wants to help people comes across a foe who is the very definition of evil. Can he stop the man before he destroys everything?

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