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17-Aug-2019 4:39 PM

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Nigahen: Nagina Part II Poster

At the age of 7, Anand is caught by Tantrik Goraknath and is subsequently transformed into a snake by this sage. He is held captive in a box until 15 years has passed and Goraknath wants to obtain a priceless gemstone from wealthy Neelam, who's the only person that knows its location. And to carry out his task he decides to send Anand as a snake in the form of a human to Neelam, which Anand does, but both is attracted to each other, gets married and is settled down in Neelam's mansion. This gems


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MLA Ka Power Poster
MLA Ka Power (2018)
17-Aug-2019 5:36 PM

A young man is thrown a challenge by his prospective father-in-law. If successful, he gets to marry his lady love, failure would mean giving up on her. Will he succeed?

Dangal Poster
Dangal (2016)
17-Aug-2019 8:00 PM

Dangal is an extraordinary true story based on the life of Mahavir Singh and his two daughters, Geeta and Babita Phogat. The film traces the inspirational journey of a father who trains his daughters to become world class wrestlers.


Dashing Rambabu Poster
Dashing Rambabu
17-Aug-2019 11:40 PM

Ungarala Rambabu is a Telugu film written and directed by Kranthi Madhav and produced by Paruchuri Kiriti. It features Sunil, Miya and Prakash Raj in the lead roles. The film was released worldwide on 15 September 2017.

Movie Cutting Scenes Poster
Movie Cutting Scenes
18-Aug-2019 12:00 AM

Synopsis not set yet, will be updated soon.

The Daring Policewala Poster
The Daring Policewala
18-Aug-2019 2:01 AM

Synopsis not set yet, will be updated soon.

Khakee Poster
Khakee (2004)
18-Aug-2019 4:32 AM

Just as he is preparing for his daughter's wedding, a veteran policeman is assigned to a crack team transporting a Pakistani secret agent to trial.


Tevar Poster
Tevar (2015)
18-Aug-2019 7:48 AM

A Kabaddi player rescues a young woman from an unwanted marriage and hides her in his home.


Chori Chori Chupke Chupke Poster

Raj and Priya Malhotra have been married for several years, and live a wealthy and fairly harmonious lifestyle. They have one problem though, Priya cannot conceive. When efforts to adopt a child fail, they decide to use Raj's sperm on another woman, who is willing to carry their child. They pick Madhubala, a fairly decent, middle-class young woman, who is in need of money. The process is set under way, and Madhu soon gets pregnant. Raj and Priya manage to convince their respective families that


Arundhati Ek Anokhi Kahani Poster

Arundhati belongs to Gadwal samsthanam in 1920’s. She is known for her bravery in saving the Samstanam by killing Pasupathi an evildoer. But the spirit of Pasupathi haunts that place. Another girl is born in the same lineage after 3 generations and she is named as Arundhati. The spirit of Pasupati is after Arundhati to take the revenge.


Nagina Poster
Nagina (1986)
18-Aug-2019 4:58 PM

Rajiv comes from a very wealthy family, and lives in a palatial home with his mother, who would like him to get married to a beautiful young woman named Vijaya Singh, the only daughter of Thakur Ajay Singh. But Rajiv is in love with a woman named Rajni, who is an orphan and has no family background. When Rajiv mentions this to his mother, she opposes this marriage, but relents when she meets with Rajni and sees that she is a indeed a beautiful woman. Both get married and live harmoniously for qu


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