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SKYSTAR premieres. Find what are the newest Hindi Movie programs to watch on SKYSTAR channel.

Programs are sorted in the order of first shown in SKYSTAR channel.

Note: This is not information about world television premier or first time on indian television.

Sallu Ki Shaadi Poster
Sallu Ki Shaadi
20-Sep-2019 7:26 PM

Sallu ki Shaadi is an upcoming Indian romantic & action film directed by Mohammad Israr Ansari.The film stars Kashyap, Arshin Mehta, Zeenat Aman and Asrani, Razak Khan, Kiran Kumar in supporting roles. The film is dedicated to actor Salman Khan.

Do Chehre Poster
Do Chehre
19-Sep-2019 7:59 PM

Do Chehere is a 1977 Bollywood drama film directed by Kewal Misra. The film stars Dharmendra, Prem Nath and Bindu.

Awaaz Poster
Awaaz (1981)
19-Sep-2019 2:24 PM

Thakur Ranjit Singh buys the enslaved Kajal's freedom and gives her the status of a daughter-in-law... much to the disgust of his uncle, Jasbir. When the sleazy Shakal turns up and arranges a secret meeting with Kajal, Ranjit believes that he has caught his beloved being unfaithful. He exacts a fearful retribution. Obligingly, Jasbir destroys the evidence. Ranjit finds himself being plagued by the restless spirit of Kajal as well as a suspicious policeman. Seeking respite in Bombay, he is stunne

Pardesi Poster
Pardesi (1998)
18-Sep-2019 12:38 PM

Pardesi Babu 1998


Jane - Anjane Poster
Jane - Anjane (1971)
17-Sep-2019 12:03 PM

Laxmi finds an abandoned baby at a temple and decides to keep him. When her husband, Shankar, returns from jail, they name the child Ramu. While Laxmi wants him to go to school, study and become someone important, Shankar wants him to gamble, partner him in bootlegging and smuggling. Ramu is unable to fit in school and decides to work with his dad. Thus Ramu grows up accepting crime as his career. Then a young woman named Mala enters his life, and both fall in love with each other. When Mala fin


Khwab Poster
Khwab (2009)
16-Sep-2019 2:21 PM

Mere Khwabon Mein Jo Aaye is the story of Maya. Maya lives in New Delhi is married to Vikram and has a daughter Priya. Maya's life is mundane and centers around her family. One evening she overhears a conversation between her husband and another woman and realizes that he's having an affair. Her simple, family centric life around her breaks down and she realizes how Vikram had slowly degenerated her confidence and self-esteem in the past few years of their marriage. He stopped her from singing a


Paap Ki Kamaee Poster
Paap Ki Kamaee (1990)
15-Sep-2019 7:50 PM

Film from Kawal Sharma

Main Awara Hoon Poster
Main Awara Hoon
15-Sep-2019 12:19 PM

Widowed Dinanath Kumar lives a poor lifestyle in Poona with two sons, Rajeev & Sanjeev; daughter, Payal; and widowed sister, Kalawanti. He has great hopes for Rajeev who he has got educated...


Jaanbaaz Hasinayen Poster
Jaanbaaz Hasinayen
15-Sep-2019 1:52 AM

Synopsis not set yet, will be updated soon.

Do Chehere Poster
Do Chehere
14-Sep-2019 2:56 PM

Ballubhai, a cab driver, meets his old friend, Rehmatbhai, and reminisces about his past. He also recollects how his brother Ajay's death changed his life forever.

Yeh Aag Kab Bujhegi Poster
Yeh Aag Kab Bujhegi
14-Sep-2019 6:42 AM

A father decides to take revenge for his daughter's death when she is burnt alive by her in-laws for dowry harassment.

Sar Utha Ke Jiyo Poster
Sar Utha Ke Jiyo
12-Sep-2019 6:16 AM

A movie starring Naseeruddin Shah, Madhoo, Manek Bedi, Raza Murad and is directed by Sikander Bharti.