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Machine Poster
Machine (2017)
19-Oct-2019 6:00 PM

A rock star general bent on winning the “impossible” war in Afghanistan takes us inside the complex machinery of modern war. Inspired by the true story of General Stanley McChrystal.


Awara Paagal Deewana Poster
Awara Paagal Deewana (2002)
18-Oct-2019 6:00 PM

Awara Paagal Deewana ((Hindi: ????? ???? ??????), English: Wayward, Crazy, Insane) is a 2002 Bollywood action comedy directed by Vikram Bhatt. The film's music was composed by Anu Malik, and the lyrics by Sameer. Reduced to a henpecked husband, his dream of making it big and being independent in the USA, Dr. Anmol Acharya is, in short, disillusioned and sad. He is not alone, he has his father-in-law, Manilal in the same leaky boat with him. Then this family has a new neighbor, namely Gulu Gulab


Chandra Mukhi Poster
Chandra Mukhi (1993)
17-Oct-2019 9:00 PM

Far beyond the reaches of our universe, lies a heavenly kingdom ruled by a beautiful woman, and her daughter, a princess. Both mother and daughter possess a magical wand in the shape of a giant leaf that has magical powers. The daughter loses this leaf, which falls and lands on Earth. Dhola, an evil being, who would like to control and master the universe, finds out, and he too goes in search of this leaf. The daughter reaches Earth and is called "Chandra Mukhi" after a character in a television


Aan: Men at Work Poster
Aan: Men at Work (2004)
15-Oct-2019 6:00 PM

Crime is at its highest peak in Mumbai with it split in three ways. Walia has one-third, Manik Rao has one-third and Roshni has a third of the Mumbai territory. The crime rate rises with more smuggling, trading and illegal activities soaring.


Platform Poster
Platform (2001)
11-Oct-2019 6:00 PM

The movie is set in the remote chinese province of Fenyang, and spans the turbulent 1980s by following four performers in the state-run Peasant Culture Group. We see the group evolve from workers that are restricted to approved revolutionary classics that praise Chairman Mao, through performance of western classics, after china adopts an 'open door' policy, and the effects on their lives.


Pratibandh Poster
Pratibandh (1990)
10-Oct-2019 6:00 PM

Film starring Chiranjeevi, Juhi Chawla and Rami Reddy

Gaddaar Poster
9-Oct-2019 9:00 PM

Best friends Sunny and Vijay see their relationship suffer when they both fall in love with the same girl. As a result, Sunny tries to use Vijay as a pawn in his devious schemes.

Masti Poster
Masti (2004)
7-Oct-2019 9:00 PM

Three henpecked friends try to escape their unhappy marriages by seeking out some extramarital fun, only to end up being blackmailed.


Police Aur Mujrim Poster
Police Aur Mujrim
30-Sep-2019 9:00 PM

Banarasi Das and his henchmen plot revenge against the policeman who had imprisoned them. They are helped by a minister who ensures them of no prosecution.

Naagin Ka Zeher Poster
Naagin Ka Zeher
20-Sep-2019 12:00 PM

Synopsis not set yet, will be updated soon.

Thenali Poster
Thenali (2000)
18-Sep-2019 12:00 PM

Tenali is a comedy based movie in which, Panchabhootam (Delhi Ganesh) is a senior psychiatrist in Vizag. Kailash (Jayaram) is an upcoming psychiatrist. As Kailash takes over Panchabhootam over popularity.Panchabhootam wants to ruin the happiness of Kailash by sending him the coward 'Tenali' as the patient. Since Kailash wanted to go for family vacation to Kodaikanal with his wife Jalaja (Devyani) and two kids, he asks Tenali to wait for a month so that he can begin the treatment after Kailash Va


Rahul Poster
Rahul (2018)
17-Sep-2019 3:00 PM

Rahul Subramanian's stand up comedy solo 'Kal Main Udega' is filled with unrelated topics, no transitions, inconsequential takes on consequential subjects and also a bit of mildly bad dancing.