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Mast Poster
Mast (2017)
18-Jan-2019 1:00 AM
B4U Movies

Biswa Mast Aadmi is a stand-up comedy show by Biswa Kalyan Rath, where he cracks jokes on topics. It's funny to the audience and they laugh, thus creating sound. This, in turn, encourages Biswa to crack more jokes, so he cracks more jokes on more topics.

Teleshopping Poster
18-Jan-2019 1:00 AM
Cinema TV

Tele shopping program.

Baankey Ki Crazy Baraat  Poster

It's a quirky situational comedy that tickles your funny bone, unexpectedly. The ensemble cast of actors that creates a laugh riot, that escalates in to a hangama ~ that will leave you chuckling, gurgling and laughing out aloud. So, leave your scowls, jowls and frown lines at home, and laugh like you've not done, in a long long time.

Kal Ki Awaz Poster

Kal Ki Awaz is a 1992 Bollywood film starring Dharmendra.

Tahkhana Poster
Tahkhana (1986)
18-Jan-2019 1:37 AM
Sony Max

A dying Thakur Surjeet Singh bequeaths the entire estate to his son, Raghuvir, disowning the other, Dhurjan, the family's black sheep, who also indulges in black magic. The latter swears to use magical powers to usurp the estate, and even arranges the abduction of Raghuvir's daughters, Sapna and Aarti. Mangal and his men manage to apprehend Dhurjan, imprison him in a dungeon, and rescue Aarti. However, they are unable to locate Sapna, and Raghuvir gets killed. Before dying, he informs Mangal tha

Chiranjeevi Poster

Chiranjeevi is a action thriller based movie in which, Chiranjeevi (Chiranjeevi) is the son of a sincere Police S.P (Sathyanarayana). Chiru

Ghulami Ki Zanjeer Poster

Synopsis not set yet, will be updated soon.

Datawind Poster
18-Jan-2019 2:00 AM
Rishtey Cineplex

Synopsis not set yet, will be updated soon.

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