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Tue 12:17 PM, 11 May 2021 / Sony Max 2

Aasoo Bane Angaarey

Chief Minister Durga plans to get rid of her daughter-in-law Usha when she learns that Usha has not been totally honest about her affairs and something in her past could harm the politician's career.

Tue 12:18 PM, 11 May 2021 / Star Utsav Movies

Haqeeqat (1995)

After her husband, Ravi Malhotra, is killed, Sudha lives the life of a widow with her brother, Mahesh, and Bhabhi, Kamini. A new tenant, Ajay, comes to her rescue when she is molested by Bhavani's brother, both fall in love and decide to get married. Kamini initially opposes this match, but subsequently relents and both get married. Shortly thereafter she gets pregnant and it is then she finds out that Ajay is not who he claims to be, and may have been responsible for killing her husband.

Tue 12:22 PM, 11 May 2021 / Zee Cinema

Dream Girl (2019)

Desperate to find employment, Karam picks up a job as ‘Pooja’ at a call center for sex chats, keeping most people in his life in the dark about the nature of his work. How long can he keep it up before everyone including his girlfriend and father find out?

Tue 12:30 PM, 11 May 2021 / WOW Cinema One

Gunaah (2002)

Inspector Prabha Narayan arrests Aditya Kashyap for the murder of a social worker. They fall in love while investigating the case and uncover the mystery behind Aditya's father's death.

Tue 12:40 PM, 11 May 2021 / Star Gold Select

Hate Story 3 (2015)

Siya appears to be the bone of contention between warring businessmen Aditya and Saurav. But this one runs deeper than your average love triangle.

Tue 1:11 PM, 11 May 2021 / UTV Movies

Khatarnak Khiladi 2 (2014)

Krishna (Suriya) comes to Mumbai in search of his brother Raju Bhai (Suriya), an underworld don. Through Raju Bhai's gangster friends, his past life is revealed. What happened to Raju Bhai? Will Krishna find him?

Tue 1:13 PM, 11 May 2021 / Star Gold 2

Jigar Kaleja (2010)

The story revolves around a remote village in Andhra Pradesh plagued by a strange disease killing a lot of people. The soothsayer of the village predicts that God would come to their village for rescue. Meanwhile, Raju (Mahesh Babu) a cab driver in Hyderabad goes to Rajasthan to handover an insurance cheque to a man's family who dies in his car. In a strange situation, Raju meets a man from the village and gets to know about their problem. Soon Raju realizes he is none other than the God-sent, t

Tue 1:30 PM, 11 May 2021 / Surya Cinema

Chandramukhi Devdas (1982)

Vazhvey Maayam is a 1982 Tamil language film starring Kamal Haasan in the lead role of the protagonist. It is a remake of 1981 mega-hit Telugu film Premabhishekham starring Akkineni Nageswara Rao and Sridevi.

Tue 1:35 PM, 11 May 2021 / Sony Wah

Hebbuli (2017)

A para commando officer faces the most intense challenges of his life.

Tue 1:47 PM, 11 May 2021 / Zee Classic

Dard (2007)

What started with a routine divorce between Natalie Stein and her husband Tim, will soon take a turn into the unexpected and evolve into scenes of torture, bloodshed and slaughter.

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