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Teri Payal Mere Geet at 7-20-2018 2:45 PM on Cinema TV


Premi makes a living by selling poems to Benni. He falls in love with a courtesan, Laila Jaan, who sings his poems for Benni.


Mohan Choti Beena Banerjee Alpana Bharat Bhushan

Mehboob Mere Mehboob at 7-21-2018 1:00 AM on B4U Movies



The region of Jungela and Takt Hazar have been embroiled in hatred for centuries. Now a young man named Ranjha from Takt Hazar, who lives with several brothers and their respective wives, has fallen in love with a young woman named Heer from Jungela. His brothers will not permit him to marry outside the region, while the parents of Heer are agreeable.


Gulshan Grover Alok Nath Sujoy Mukherjee Beena Banerjee Sohini Mukherjee Roy Mohnish Behl

Directed By

Ramanjit Juneja

Uttaran at 7-21-2018 5:00 PM on Rishtey


Story of a girl from the slums who eventually finds a place in the hearts and the home of a rich family. But, can her life really turn out to be a fairy tale or continue to be a struggle at each step?


Beena Banerjee Rashami Desai Tina Datta Nandish Sandhu Mrunal Jain